A World Heritage site worth a visit

imageimageThe entrance waterfall, garden, and an overview of Taliesin, the home of Frank Lloyd Wright from 1911 until his death in 1959; what an architectural treasure.  It was a work in progress for the entire time that FLW lived here.  It is really beautiful even though it is in need of a great deal more restoration.  The acreage that this sits above is breathtaking.

He dammed up a creek to form the small lake and the entrance waterfall which can be heard in the main house.  The rest of the gardens were abundant with columbines, lilacs, hostas, and a variety of trees including some pines that mimic the background of his Japanese screen and can be seen through windows around the screen, enlarging the visual impact.  There is even a long, slim “bird walk” which cantilevers out into the trees on the hillside where the house sits.  Taliesin is Welsh for “shining brow” which is a good description of the house in its setting.

Also on the property is the Hillside School and Studio, where the current architectural students spend the summer and fall, a theatre, the Romeo and Juliet Windmill, and Midway Farms.  All in all, a great way to spend a day.