Where are you located?

Our store is at the corner of McDaniels’ Bridge Court and US 78 (Stone Mountain Freeway) in Lilburn, GA. We are approximately 3 miles after Stone Mountain Park if travelling eastbound on US 78. If travelling westbound on US 78, we are 3 miles after downtown Snellville. Elves give better directions than GPS, so feel free to call for directions from your location. Or get map directions here.

How do I contact the store via email, Facebook, or Twitter?

You don’t. Please contact us by phone at 770-972-7237 or by mail at 2178 McDaniel’s Bridge Court, Lilburn, GA 30047. Elves are too busy during the season to constantly check for emails, posts, and tweets.

What size tree do I need?

Measure across the space where the tree will stand and note the height at that location. With these measurements, we can help you select the perfect tree for that location.

What is the difference between NeumanTree lights and other products on the market?

Neuman Tree products are lighted with commercial grade, 3000-hour, extra-bright bulbs with a unique push button locking base. The “Brilliant” lighting system keeps wires hidden and more secure. Because their products are lighted with only 50-light strands, troubleshooting problems is easier. The 4-year warranty on tree lights gives the consumer a generous light life for your in-home tree.

How do I find a burnt-out light bulb?

If the strand still lights, just look closely along the strand, inside the tree as well as on the tips. Gently lift the tree branches and check underneath as well. Replace any unlighted bulbs.

If the strand is not burning, we highly recommend you purchase a light gun – a great tool for miniature lights. Ask an M. C. Twinklin’s elf for instructions on how to use the gun. When the strand is again lighted, inspect for burnt-out bulbs and replace them. If the gun does not relight the strand, inspect for silver, smoky or black bulbs and replace them.

Does M. C. Twinklin’s deliver or ship items after purchase?

Absolutely – Everything can be delivered within a 10-mile radius of the store for a fee, with a minimum charge of $25.00. Most items (except for large trees, 9ft or taller) can be shipped by UPS or by mail. The purchase cost plus shipping and handling fees must be paid prior to shipment.