Design Consultation

home consultationDuring September and October, M.C. Twinklin’s offers an in-home consultation with one of our designers. This provides you with a one-on-one interchange that helps you blend your holiday decor with your usual decor into a more cohesive and pleasing arrangement.

Projects include trees, staircases, and other furnishings, including exterior design.

TIME – 1 TO 1 1/2 HOURS

COST – $100 PER SESSION with a $50 store credit for M. C. Twinklin’s

(in-home by appointment only)


Tree Repair

Our talented tree elves can repair most common tree-related problems – lights and hinges in store.tree repair

However, we are not authorized by the manufacturer to repair trees not purchased in our store. Keep in mind, three weeks before Thanksgiving and the two weeks after are very busy, so plan accordingly.

Please bring ONLY the affected section of your tree to our store and do not bring it in a garbage bag.

The #1 problem with pre-lighted Christmas trees is burnt-out light bulbs. Yearly replacement of burnt-out bulbs will alleviate most problems. Our manufacturers’ warranties do not include the labor cost for replacing burnt-out bulbs, only for the defective bulbs and wires.

Our elves will gladly show you how to replace bulbs on our products and how to use a light gun to turn a strand of lights back on. This gun is the greatest invention since candy bars, and everyone knows how much elves love candy bars.

The cost of repair depends on the extent of repair. For non-warranty work, the minimum charge is $35.00 for diagnosis of problems. Labor and materials cost will be added to the minimum charge. We will gladly give estimates prior to repair – estimates are not binding.


In-Store Designers

instore designM. C. Twinklin’s encourages our customers to bring photos and fabric swatches to the store so our designers can visualize where a design will be placed and the interplay of your interior design with the intended product.

These consultations are done on a first-come, first-serve basis unless an appointment has been previously made. There is always a trained and friendly elf to assist with your design needs.

(We’re currently not offering this service for the 2020 Holiday season due to Covid19.)


Custom Florals and Bows

tree decorM. C. Twinklin’s is known for our creative and talented floral elves. From tabletop arrangements to large commercial wreaths and garlands, our designers add the perfect blend of tradition and glamour to every project made especially for you. The project cost depends on the extent of the design and the price of materials. treetop bowThe floral elves also make bows to order. We carry an extensive line of holiday ribbon that can be made into a fabulous tree topper bow or bows to spruce up your wreaths and garlands.

By the middle of November our bow-making elves are buried in ribbon, so shop early and then hang the bows for storage until needed for decorating. The price depends on the cost of ribbon used, yardage needed, and labor cost.

(We’re currently not offering this service for the 2020 Holiday season due to Covid19.)